Displaying Vacation Photos

After returning from the vacation of a lifetime, there are probably a great number of photos and other keepsakes to display around the home or office. Aside from purchasing frames and having quality photo printing done, there are some creative ways to put those images up, so everyone can look back on the fond memories of the trip. Here are some suggestions for displaying travel photos in new and unique ways.

Clothespin Display

To show a number of photos in a row, hang a clothesline along an open section of wall and then use clothespins to hang each photo individually. This works well in a hallway or along a section of wall with stairs. Feel free to use it as a timeline to display different parts of a trip in chronological order.

Black & White, and a Pop of Color

Photo printing with large versions in black and white offer a dramatic look. Then, either by hand or digitally, insert one pop of color somewhere in the image. For example, add red to a photo of the family in front of The Statue of Liberty. This can help the photo become a focal point for the room and help it fit seamlessly into the décor.

Multiple Photos within Poster Frames

In situations where a person wants to fit a lot of images into a small space, Posterjack suggests putting them in a large collage digitally. Then, print out the large image and insert it into a poster frame. This lets one fit all of the fun memories into one place, creating a clean look that is much better than a bunch of picture frames.

Mat with a Map

To really make an image stand out within a frame, do something different with the mat that goes around the picture or poster. Find an old map of the location that was visited and cut out the shape of the map. Place it around the photo within the frame to serve as an accent.

Include Keepsakes

If there are other keepsakes like tickets and brochures, shadowboxes allow these to be grouped together. Mount the box on a wall and then place a photo in the back of it before arranging the other mementos or small souvenirs in front.

Those needing some additional inspiration can visit Posterjack.ca. They offer simple ordering, fantastic results, and great prices. They will print the photos, frame them and ship them directly to you.

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